Create Ai Avatar For Free Using Microsoft Bing Dall-e  

You might have seen many AI avatar videos on instagram or tiktok, Ever wondered how to create an ai avatar for free?

No worries!  I will teach you how to create an Ai avatar using the free ai tool Microsoft Bing Dall-e.

Head over to > Images > generate. Create your account on bing images,

You can see an interface where you can write your prompt. Write a prompt about the avatar you need.

For example I wrote- 

Avatar of a 25 year old handsome boy, with beard, culry hairs, sitting at desk in a office room, looking at camera, wearing a black hoodie, dark background with soft neon lighting effects, hyper realistic, ultra high resolution. You can change the prompt or adjust according to your requirements.

Click generate and wait for a few seconds. That's it, you can download images to your computer or phone.


Do you want to learn more about how to create an avatar video or images? Visit our website to learn more. For language you can click on the bottom left button to choose your language.

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